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Humble Bundle fundraiser finishes with over 5 million earned

The most recent bundle by The Humble Bundle has come to a close, earning over 5 million dollars. Much of this money will be going to charity, as well as to fund the company and future projects.

It's not every day you see gamers everywhere unite to better the world they live in, unless it's driven by greed. That might do it.

The Humble Bundle is a project that periodically gathers music movies, and even games together and lets you pay whatever you want for the entire package. These bundles are great for everyone – fantastic promotion for the products involved, a great deal of money goes to charity, and a bit goes to Humble so they can keep offering these sweet bundles. Before the most recent bundle, Humble had a collection of music, a bunch of games for the Android… and now this: The bundle that proved to be the most successful – games from THQ.

The Humble THQ Bundle had some pretty noticeable titles, including Metro 2033, Darksiders, and several Company of Heroes games. Nothing to sniff at, especially when you consider that you could pay anything you wanted for the whole lot. Anything – though, of course, there were some perks if you paid more than a certain amount, such as extra games. But this amount ended up being little more than $7-$8, which is significantly less than the games were worth. Even though many only contributed a few dollars, the average being precisely $5.76, the names of the highest contributors were shown for all to see on the Humble Bundle page, which was $10,000.


Best of all, as the bundle went on, Humble started realizing they were going to be making a ridiculous amount of money. Extra games were included to make up for the massive win – namely Titan Quest and Warhammer 40,000 Dawn of War. Those who had already bought the bundle were sent codes to redeem these games, as well as the original titles. It was like getting Christmas early.

Now, the Humble THQ Bundle is over, showing staggering numbers. They ended up “with 885,286 bundles sold for a total of $5,097,454.84.” Crickey.

If that wasn't enough game-based bundling for you, Humble is still running an exciting project called the Double Fine Amnesia Fortnight. The team from Double Fine studios is in the midst of sending 5 teams to make 5 games… in two weeks. It's like Project Runway… only better because it's about games, and you get to play them when they're done.

If you're interested in the Humble Bundle, check them out here. At the top of the page you'll also see the link to all the info about Amnesia Fortnight… or you can just click this link here.

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