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Humble Bundle 8 is out and is alone

A new bundle and a whole new bunch of indie titles. The Humble Indie Bundle is live and is host to some incredible indie games from the past year, including Hotline Miami, Awesomenauts and Thomas Was Alone.

The Humble Indie Bundle has been going from strength to strength the past three years. Whether it was working with the fine people from Double Fine or simply helping THQ as much as they could before faltering, the Humble Bundle has helped indies and AAA devs alike. The latest is a full indie free-for-all, as we see some of the biggest hits. This is Humble Indie Bundle 8 and you can even pay with Bitcoins

As usual,, the bundle is split into two tiers, the first being ones that you get no matter what you pay. The games on offer this time include the emotionally daring, Dear Esther, which has you walking around a forgotten landscape hearing the tragic tale of a man and a long letter to a girl named Esther. The wonderful narrative and IGF nominee, Thomas Was Alone, which has you jumping around and making friends in a geometric world. Capsized, a strong little platformer that will have you blasting little creatures and exploring an alien world. Awesomenauts, which is an insane multiplayer title you can rock with friends who have nothing better to do than fight robots and be awesome. Finally, Little Inferno, a charming sandbox puzzler that unravels your brain with cute and witty puzzles while you play as a tiny flame hoping to be released from his fiery throes.

On the other side of the coin, for (as of writing) $5.74, you can get the games Hotline Miami and Proteus added on to your bundle. The former being a blood-soaked, 80's, top-down shoot'em up, and the latter being a wonderful colourful, randomly generated world explorer with some of the cutest and friendliest pixels you'll ever meet. All the gams are honestly worth more than five bucks a piece and you'd be kicking yourself if you missed out on this opportunity to own some incredible indie titles, while helping out charities such as the Child's Play Charity and the Electronics Frontier Fund. Also included in the bundle are some of the soundtracks to these award-winning titles, which are available in MP3 and FLAC, so you can throw them on your music device and enjoy the sweet gaming sounds while you go through your day.

For those who've never contributed before, you're able to pay whatever you want and even move particular sliders to who gets what in the payment process. The Indie Bundle was started in 2010 with the help of the guys from Wolfire Games and almost three years on now, they've donated over a million dollars each time a Bundle is put online. Through the help of online contributors and people spreading the news via social media word-of-mouth, time and time again, indie devs and charities allied in winning the hearts and minds of common gamers, who are more than happy to contribute and clog up their Steam Library with games they already haven't played. Help out now and we'll keep you updated if any new games are added to either tier.

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