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Huge piracy group closes its doors

A software cracking group, LineZer0, responsible for over 30,000 cracked titles over 14 years, has closed its doors after a security breach.


LineZer0, or Lz0, is a software piracy group founded in 1999. Over the course of 14 years, they released more than 30,000 cracked software titles to multiple platforms, including the mobile market. Go to any torrent site and search for their name and you’ll see an endless stream of cracked DRM-free software to download and enjoy for free. However, now it seems there will be no more releases.

This weekend, someone released information that was gathered on Lz0 during a security breach in 2009. While LineZer0 explained that most of the information was related to closed sites and people no longer involved in the piracy scene, they still felt their only option was to close down completely and retire from the business.


Lz0 ASCII art

“We’ve shared a long and fun road, and we’re sad that this is how it ends,” said the group in a statement, confirming that the names Lz0 and Lz0PDA will never be used again. A lot of developers are probably happy to hear this news, but Lz0 have stated that their aim was never to cause trouble for software companies: “Our releases are made to make sure that the end-user is able to fully test a title before going into a purchase as well as give the end-user an opportunity to make backup copies of titles he or she already owns,” the group said. Whether you chose to believe that statement is another matter.

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