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Huawei’s secrets for the year are out, including Android Wear watch plans

At least three intriguing new Huawei smartphones, two tablets and two wearable devices are coming in a matter of months.

Huawei Booth at MWC 2014

Time to stop looking at Huawei as just another producer of second-rate Chinese garbage. Their gear is legit, recent global sales numbers prove they’re a menace for Samsung and Apple in the mobile décor, and their Western portfolio has considerably grown in prestige of late.

Going forward, the Shenzhen-based OEM is committed to “premium” gadgets, which should help it consolidate its “leadership in mid-to-high end markets.” That sounds a little ambitious (and not entirely accurate), but the fact of the matter is Huawei wants to focus on high-end Androids.

Their biggest, most unexpected push is likely to see the company compete against Motorola, LG or Samsung for the title of most dangerous Apple Watch rival. Currently, Huawei is only involved in the low-cost, low-end fitness tracker niche with the TalkBand B1, but an “innovative flagship smartwatch” is reportedly en route to store shelves, via the Mobile World Congress in March.

Huawei 2015 plans

This is to run Android Wear, according to a roadmap shown at a recent press conference, and sport a circular panel, much like the Moto 360 or LG G Watch R. Though “innovative” and “high-end”, we expect the Huawei timepiece to undercut the retail costs of most fancy Android smartwatches. Also, a “flagship” smartband sequel for the TalkBand B1 is planned, and possibly headed for an MWC introduction as well.

Barcelona’s glitzy spring trade show may host the announcements of new X-series and M-series tablet installments. The upcoming X, aka the MediaPad X2, should feature a “big screen”… by smartphone standards. 7, maybe 8 inches of “integrated experience”.

As for the new M, aka MediaPad M2, this is to deliver an “outstanding audio/visual experience” on a 9 to 10-inch Full HD display, we presume.

Last but not least, Huawei wants to update the Mate, P, Honor and G/Y handheld series. But probably after MWC. The upper-tier Mate and P families could be brought together and ditch the Ascend prefix, whereas the Honor and G/Y will continue to target cash-strapped users with superior specifications compared to “household” Western brands.

All in all, we’re a little light on specifics as to Huawei’s 2015 prospects, but their goals look bolder than ever.

Source: Pocket-Lint

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