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Huawei Watch pre-orders begin at $350, for real this time

Amazon may have jumped the gun on Friday, also inadvertently confirming Android Wear’s looming iPhone support, but now, at long last, the luxury smartwatch is available stateside.


It’s been a long and bumpy road from formal announcement to commercial release for the Huawei Watch, and besides rumors of mandatory software modification on Chinese shores, we never got any justification for the excruciating waiting.

But all’s well that ends well, although the recent wearable landscape changes haven’t convinced Huawei to lower their extravagant demands. Enter an Apple Watch rival that costs as much as an actual Apple Watch.

Specifically, from $349 to $799. The entry-level configuration, made of stainless steel and paired with a leather strap, is exactly as pricey as the 38mm Apple Watch Sport. Of course, you can’t compare the two as far as elegance goes, or in terms of premium construction. If you do, Huawei comfortably wins the battle, which unfortunately doesn’t count in the eyes of millions of devoted iFans.

Huawei Watch

It’s also irrelevant to them the $399 Huawei Watch model adds a robust Steel Link or Stainless Steel bracelet in the equation, or that for $449, you can get a beautiful black DLC-coated timepiece with a matching black link band.

The only thing they care about is the logo they’ll carry on their wrists, and not even gold-plated Huawei Watches priced at $699 and $799 with leather and gold bands respectively can change that. And don’t try to justify the Apple Watch’s popularity by its iPhone compatibility.

In all likelihood, the Huawei Watch will work with both Android and iOS handhelds once it starts shipping, i.e. on September 17. Worst case scenario, iPhone support shall come a couple of weeks after the imminent dispatch.

Still, the perfectly round, 1.4-inch 400 x 400 AMOLED screen-toting, Snapdragon 400-packing, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth-carrying wearable will no doubt struggle to catch on, regardless of nationwide retailer backing, including from Amazon, Best Buy and the Google Store. It’s the sad state of affairs.

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