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Huawei Watch pre-order prices start at $350 stateside, iOS support in tow (?!)

One of the priciest Android Wear timepieces yet will apparently be dispatched on September 2, but Amazon bizarrely lists iOS 8.2 and up compatibility as a key selling point.

Huawei Watch

When your name is Huawei, your success chiefly associated with Asian markets, your American reputation still tainted by a not-so-distant spying scandal, and your latest device is a nichey smartwatch, charging at least $350 feels audacious, to say the least.

That’s how much the entry-level Apple Watch costs, and not even the world’s most popular wearable seems to perform quite as expected at the global box-office. Meanwhile, the Motorola Moto 360 goes for $139 and up after a slew of recent discounts, and the “luxury” LG Watch Urbane has itself been reduced from $350 to $290.

Why should you then pay 350 bucks for a Huawei Watch? Granted, the bad boy is handsome, in a retro way, or, as its Chinese architect likes to put it, “timelessly designed.” It’s also “smart within”, i.e. Snapdragon 400-powered, capable of pulling various notifications from a paired phone, as well as careful of your general health, fitness activities and heart rate.

Huawei Watch gold

But the same can be said about the aforementioned Watch Urbane, and the 400 x 400 pix res 1.4-inch full circle AMOLED display isn’t enough to justify the premium either. So, maybe the Huawei Watch will lay the first stone for Android Wear-running gizmos with iPhone support.

That’s right, Amazon is under the impression this “timeless” watch can sync to contemporary iPhones, powered by iOS 8.2 or later, and who are we to question that? Of course, chances are we’re dealing with an innocent typo, but at the same time, we’ve heard rumors of both Google looking into an unlikely Apple alliance and Huawei modifying the stock Android Wear software.

It’s clearly wise to wait for everything to be straightened out, but if you’re in a hurry, note that $350 scores you a stainless steel edition with black suture leather strap, $450 trades the cheaper band for a more premium stainless steel one, $700 plates the Huawei Watch in gold and attaches a brown suture leather band to it, and finally, $800 (!!!) retains the gold body and further turns the chain in gold plated stainless steel.

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