Since the news broke about the possibility of a Nokia acquisition by Huawei, the Finnish handset maker’s stock prices have begun to dance.  However, as open-minded as Huawei might be about the acquisition/merge, there’s still a catch.  That is, Windows Phone needs to go.

Many have criticized Nokia for pushing Windows Phone when there’s a better alternative in Android.  The Nokia ship is sailing ever closer to shallow shores, and Huawei might just be the tugboat needed pull Nokia back out to open water.

Despite having developed a solid mobile platform, Microsoft’s Windows Phone 8 hasn’t obtained significant market share for major telecom firms like Huawei to take it seriously.

“Whether Windows Phone will be successful is difficult to say,” said Richard Yu, Huawei’s consumer business group chairman, told the The Financial Time.  “It has a very small market share.  [Windows Phones] are weak but still require a license fee.  That’s not good.  Android is free.”