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Huawei to fight HTC and Nokia with its own WP8 devices

Huawei will be releasing two WP8 devices called the Ascend W1 and Ascend W2, with the goal of being able to show that the Chinese manufacturer's WP8 phones will be just as good as Nokia's and HTC's.

We’re only about two months away from being able to experience, first hand, Microsoft’s latest Windows Phone platform as regular consumers.  HTC, Samsung, and Nokia are among some of the well-known brands that will invest time and money into launching WP8 devices.

However, if Microsoft wants to make Windows Phone a legitimate contender in the smartphone race, then it needs as many OEMs as possible to produce products to flood the smartphone market with WP8 devices. 

Huawei, a Chinese phone manufacturer, is reported to be planning to also launch some WP8 devices of its own.  There seems to be a growing trend in the two tier schematic of WP8 devices that will be hitting retail this fall.  Nokia and HTC will both launch a mid-ranged as well as a flagship, and Huawei’s model won’t be any different. 

According to a source that’s familiar with the matter, Huawei will announce two WP8 devices on September 25.  The mid-ranged WP8 device, dubbed the Ascend W1, is meant to compete with Nokia’s Lumia 820 and HTC’s 8S.  The Ascend W2 will be Huawei’s flagship, and it’s meant to stand on even grounds with the Lumia 920 and HTC 8X. 

We’re expecting OEMs to begin dropping WP8 devices shortly after the launch of Windows 8 (October 26).  Other major OEMs such as LG, Acer, and ZTE have already signaled their intent to launch WP8 devices, but phones from those manufacturers probably won’t hit stores until early 2013.

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