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Huawei has officially challenged the United States FCC (Federal Communications Commission) with a “petition” against an “unlawful order” issued on November 22nd which labelled the Chinese telecommunications giant a national security threat and created barriers for US carriers.

Chief Legal Officer, Dr. Song Liuping in a press statement earlier today claimed that FCC chairman Ajit Pai had provided no evidence apart from the fact that “Huawei is a Chinese company”.

Dr. Song further asserted that the FCC’s use of terminology like “backdoors” was intended to fear-monger despite Huawei’s important role in providing a reliable network especially in rural parts of the USA.

The FCC’s earlier actions in May to put Huawei on the Entity List were also condemned by Dr. Song to be “based on politics, not security”. The commission had also “ignored” all of Huawei’s 21 rounds of “detailed comments” regarding the negative repercussions of the FCC’s actions.

Dr. Song also pointed out inconsistencies in the FCC’s logic – like the unfair banning of Huawei and ZTE due to manufacturing based in China, while other brands like Nokia and Ericsson “who also manufacture in China”.

The complaint also alleged that the FCC had not afforded Huawei “due process”, overstepping its statutory authority with actions that “violate… the Constitution”.

This suit in particular focuses on the November 22nd ruling that prevents network providers from utilising Universal Service Funds to purchase products and services from Huawei and ZTE.

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