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Huawei slaps its first ‘Watch’ with outrageous $1,000 price… in gold variant

It sounds like the rising Chinese star may have copied all the wrong things from Apple.


Knowing Huawei’s reputation very well, and its knack for developing respectable gadgetry at a fraction of the costs sustained by Western rivals, the company’s rookie smartwatch effort caught the whole world off guard at the 2015 Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

The Huawei Watch simply looked too handsome for a Shenzhen-conceived product, and it was pretty obvious it wouldn’t be as cheap as your typical Ascend phone, MediaPad, or TalkBand fitness tracker. Then again, we still expected it to undercut the Apple Watch and further heat up competition in the already crowded space.

Unfortunately, Huawei might not be extremely knowledgeable of its appeal and target audience. They’re not even the Apple of China (that’s Xiaomi, for the record), yet they’re ready to charge as much as $1,000 for an uber-stylish, premium “Watch”.


No typo, no extra zero, that’s one thousand US dollars. A wild rumor at first, which we chose to ignore, the ridiculous tag gained credence when 9to5Google and Amazon Germany chimed in. The latter currently lists the Huawei Watch at €999, “neglecting” to also specify a release date. But it’s “soon.”

Meanwhile, a company rep went on record with 9to5Google to essentially confirm there will indeed be a top-shelf variant priced at $/€ 1,000. He was of course adamant to stress “$1,000 is definitely out of range of what the base model will cost.”

Still, it’s unreasonable (and that’s putting it kindly) to expect any early wearable adopter to put their trust and hard-earned small fortune in the hands of a controversial Chinese device manufacturer.



Clearly, we’re talking a gold-plated timepiece here, with rumors circling a whopping 3 ounces (85 grams) of the shiny stuff included. Which doesn’t make up for the fact luxury purchases are all about stature and brand, and a Huawei logo on a “premium” fashion accessory sounds… out of place.

Let’s just hope the base, stainless steel model will be priced “correctly”, at $200, $250 tops. Otherwise, we got all enthused for nothing, and the Huawei Watch is DOA.

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