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Huawei reports 50M phone sales for H1 2015, a remarkable hike from 2014

Year-on-year, the six-month tally reportedly grew by around 46 percent, and that’s with the Chinese OEM still committed chiefly to emerging Asian and European markets.


There’s a fierce dispute going on for the global handheld manufacturer bronze medal, besides the perennial Samsung vs Apple fight for gold, as Lenovo, LG and Huawei all dream of breaking the long-established industry duopoly.

Lenovo has Motorola, which remains a respected brand on the Western hemisphere, in its corner, LG pretty much replaced HTC in the American ranks as the exotic but tempting Samsung alternative, while Huawei relies on the fast-growing domestic market.

The new land of promise for so many ambitious tech companies, China again helped the Ascend P7 and P8 designers considerably boost their sales numbers. From “only” 34 million units in the first half of 2014 to a whopping 50 mil between January and June 2015.


Those are essentially Apple-class figures, although technically, Cupertino sells that many iPhones in three months as opposed to six. What’s truly remarkable here is Huawei barely rolled out its latest flagship device in April in a couple of Asian territories.

The “standard” 5.2-inch P8 is yet to spread to the old continent, let alone America, with a watered-down 5-inch P8 lite version available on Amazon at $250. There’s also the gargantuan 6.8-inch P8 max, which Huawei just priced at the equivalent of $610 in China for a July release.

Not to forget the oft-rumored Honor 7, or the “international” Google-endorsed next-gen Nexus. The latter should show Westerners what Huawei is really made of, and if they’re indeed qualified to aspire to quarterly 50 million unit shipments.

Sources: Phone Arena, Mobile-dad

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