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Huawei Phones, Laptops Threatened By Google, Intel, Qualcomm Ban

Just in lieu of Google’s high-profile compliance with US policy requiring interdiction of Huawei, fellow American tech companies have fallen in line with rulings regarding Huawei’s status on the “Entity List”. These have included major chipmakers Intel, Qualcomm and Broadcom, along with memory chip makers Micron Technology and Western Digital.

Huawei Technologies America research facility. Image: Huawei

Manufacturers in Europe, like Infineon Technologies and ST Microelectronics are reportedly assessing the need to fall in line with the blanket ban on the Chinese telecommunications giant.

Google had just earlier withdrawn Huawei’s privileges to its Android ecosystem, which effectively would cripple access to the Google Play Store and vital Google ecosystem products like Gmail and Google Drive. This would leave Huawei stranded from key Android services and features, and either force its exit from the smartphone market, or to develop its own operating system and ecosystem of applications.

The blanket ban involving Intel, Qualcomm and Broadcom, along with key memory chip manufacturers, would affect other aspects of Huawei’s business. Intel’s moratorium would greatly affect its burgeoning laptop business, along with key business network servers.

It appears that Huawei has been preparing for this outcome. A Bloomberg report suggests that the tech giant had been stockpiling about three months’ worth of US chipsets. Huawei has also been attempting to develop a proprietary operating system as an alternative to Android. There currently has been no suggestion if Windows would be compiling with sanctions with regard to its operating system on Huawei laptops.

These all come on the heels of an increasingly hostile trade relationship between the United States’ Trump administration and China, with key points of contention surrounding terms of trade between the two countries, along with unfavourable Chinese policies restricting the success of American industrial figures.

It remains unclear when the sanctions will come into effect and will be experienced by customers. Huawei-related brands like Honor would be likely affected by the trade restrictions, although they have stated their intention continue providing software and security updates on existing devices.

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