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Huawei Nexus speculation heats up after ‘confirmation’ from analyst

It sure didn’t take long for a second source to chime in on reports that seemed awfully questionable at first.

Huawei Nexus

Although Google has worked with several device manufacturers on more than one Nexus iteration in the past, 2014 saw the previous year’s project collaborators replaced, and chances are a similar switch will happen in 2015.

Not only that, but after Motorola’s acclaimed Nexus debut, the search giant might be looking to partner with another “stranger” from the program. No prizes for guessing the presumed rookie’s name. It’s controversial, up-and-coming China-based Huawei, which Big G probably thinks of as its free pass to the region.

The world’s largest mobile market, China doesn’t exactly take kindly to strangers, unless their moniker and logo are fruit themed. Now, we obviously can’t be sure these Huawei – Google alliance rumors will pan out, but they’re clearly gaining traction.

Also, credibility, thanks to Kevin Yang from iSuppli, a subsidiary of research and market analysis behemoth IHS. Unfortunately, Yang is in no position to confirm device names, ETAs or specifications, or even clarify the coalition’s scope and target.


It’s possible Huawei’s services are needed for the production of Nexus 6’s sequel (don’t call it the Nexus 7), or the Chinese could be in charge of N9’s follow-up. Earlier gossip pegged LG as the co-creator of the latter, albeit we’re still skeptical of this story’s legitimacy.

To be frank, we’re not entirely sold on any part of the reports, mostly because of Google’s bluffing skills and the unusual timing. Remember, the N6 and N9 are barely four months old, and at least until Samsung’s Galaxy S6 and Galaxy Tab S 2 roll out, they’re the world’s best smartphone/tablet duo.

That said, would you like to see LG make a Nexus comeback with an advanced, stock Android-running variant of its G Pads? And more importantly, would you welcome outsider Huawei in the big, happy “pure Google” family? Sound off below.

Sources: Phone Arena, GizmoChina

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