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Huawei Might Deliver The World’s First Foldable Smartphone

Just after reports of Microsoft’s rumoured (and doomed) Surface Phone, codenamed Project Andromeda, Samsung has been in the limelight with evidence surrounding an upcoming foldable smartphone.

Suspected to be slated to launch in early 2019, Samsung’s phone is rumoured to be launched either in its Note family of pen-enabled smartphones, or as a standalone product as the Galaxy F. It is also expected to cost upwards of USD1,500, and be targeted at a niche consumer base of gamers.

Huawei, however, might just upset everything. Set to launch ahead of Samsung to gain the title, and to be ready for MWC 2019, Huawei’s foldable phone is expected to be a limited run of up to 30,000 units.

In an article by Nikkei Asian Review, the Chinese handset giant is set to use flexible displays manufactured locally by BOE Technology Group.

These are by many accounts inferior to the ones made by Samsung, though the limited run can be viewed primarily as a media campaign to showcase its technical and production capabilities.

Only time will tell if the brand’s attempt at a world-first turns out to be mere media fodder or a truly viable device. With Huawei’s track record in delivering quality devices, our hopes are high.

Ian Ling
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