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Huawei Gets Extra 90-day Reprieve From US Ban, But More Subsidiaries Affected

As the deadline to the original 90-day grace period draws to a close, the US has once again extended it by another 90 days. US President Donald Trump had been behind the Huawei ban as part of an executive order preventing business with the Chinese telecommunications giant.

The original 90-day grace period was to allow businesses and cities to transition from Huawei-made infrastructure and components. This time, US Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross announced an additional 90-day extension ending November 19th to allow rural companies to make the switch.

However, Ross also announced “the big news” that an additional 46 Huawei subsidiaries will now also be included under the ban – bringing the total number of entities affected to over a hundred.

While this announcement largely concerns telecommunications operators in the US, Huawei has been greatly affected by the ban which has limited its access to key components and support from Google’s Android operating system for its mobile phones, and Intel’s chipsets for its burgeoning computer businesses.

Just earlier last week, Huawei made a landmark announcement via its mobile subsidiary Honor of the debut of Harmony OS that might replace Google’s Android operating system across its digital devices in time to come.

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