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HTC’s Jeff Gordon bullies All New HTC One leaker

A kid who leaked the All New HTC One with its IMEI number intact is likely to face legal action from HTC.


Over the weekend, a video uploaded to YouTube compared the differences between the HTC One and the upcoming All New HTC One. The video has since been removed, but not before someone at HTC was able to note the device’s unique IMEI number. The video was shared on social networks by a recent high school graduate by the name of Roshan Jamkatel, who was contacted on Twitter by HTC’s ‎Senior Global Online Communications Manager Jeff Gordon.

In the exchange, Gordon starts by saying that it will not be a good week for Jamkatel, at which stage Jamkatel says that the device in the video was a fake. To this, Gordon states, “We have the IMEI and all other info. We’ll be in touch.” From Gordon’s tone, it is clear that some kind of legal action will be levied. The tweets seem to have been deleted, but here is a screenshot of the exchange:


The exchange indicates that the device in question might actually be the All New HTC One. Press images of the device have been leaked numerous times by @evleaks, but the 12-minute video (which has since been uploaded by another user), details many of the hardware as well as software features of the device. Here’s the video in its entirety:


HTC is said to unveil the All New HTC One on March 25 in New York and London.

Source: YouTube

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