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HTC’s H2 2014 product roadmap rumored: tablets, selfie phone, Windows handheld

HTC is in dire need of a “hero” device to put its financials back on track, and according to newly surfaced speculation, a slew of tablets, selfie-centric handheld and high-end Windows Phone may contend for the savior role.

HTC tablets

For the umpteen time these past few years, financially struggling HTC is at a crossroads, looking for ways to get out of a hole that deepens by the day. Aiming attention squarely at high-end Android phones didn’t work, reorganizing the product portfolio around mid-rangers failed to bring in a profit too, so up next, the Taiwanese might simply throw a bunch of things against the wall and see what sticks.

The just-pictured Android Wear smartwatch looks more like a complementary gadget than something to build a whole revival on, so we’re guessing HTC has higher hopes for the Nexus 9, aka Flounder, aka Volantis, the T7/T12 slate duo, W8 and “Eye” smartphones.

Information overload? Then let’s back up and take those devices one by one. The 8.9-inch T1 slate, which everyone expects to grab Nexus 7 2013’s baton, probably needs no introduction. What it needs is official confirmation. Which @evleaks continues to claim is imminent.

The same rock-solid source says HTC is planning a three-step comeback in the tablet arena, where two slabs codenamed T7 and T12 will join the T1. 7 and 12, as in 7 and 12-inch gizmos? Maybe, although the latter would be a huge gamble. Especially for an OEM that has very few and painful memories of tab manufacturing. Remember the Flyer and Jetstream? Yeah, I wish I could forget them too.


Moving on, Asian media seems to corroborate info previously posted on the Western hemisphere, according to which an Android phone with a top-notch front-facing camera is due in Q4. Including stateside, so the “Eye” is no Asian-exclusive joke.

Also not a joke, the W8 (tentative name, don’t laugh), which is likely One M8’s Windows Phone 8.1-running counterpart. With the same aluminum-reliant winning design, hopefully, and upgraded hardware, since its ETA is Q3 2014, so next month, September, at the latest.

Bizarelly, there are no words on an eventual M8 “Prime” spin-off, so the ultra-high-end response to Samsung’s elusive Galaxy S5 Prime could have indeed been canceled. No worries, the M9 is around the corner.

Sources: Evleaks, Taipei Times

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