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Is this HTC Sense 5.5 or HTC’s China-centric mobile OS?

It was recently rumored that HTC was working on a new mobile operating system for China, and a leaked image could have given us our first glimpse of that particular OS. 


The source that leaked the image actually claims it is the homescreen from Sense 5.5, the unreleased update to HTC’s proprietary skin for Android. That’s not likely, however, judging by how unattractive the software looks, so it’s entirely possible we’re looking at the China-centric OS HTC is working on.

The homescreen seems to be a mix between HTC’s BlinkFeed, Sense 5 icons, and Windows Phone’s Live Tiles, so it looks like the Taiwanese manufacturer is concocting a potion with ingredients thrown in from various OS. Of course, there’s little information to go on here, so whether it’s really Sense 5.5 or a new OS altogether (likely built on top of Android) is something we can’t ascertain right now.

What do you guys think?

Source: Weibo

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