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HTC Unveils Desire HD And Desire Z In Singapore


This morning, HTC had a media launch in Singapore for their new Desire HD and Desire Z Android smartphones. Both phones are running on the latest HTC Sense, as well as Android 2.2 (Froyo) operating system, and will be available next month.

Melvin Chua, country manager of HTC Singapore, gave an opening speech and talked about the ‘smartphone being the new phone’.

“We want people to view HTC as a brand that is different. Different in how it looks and more importantly, how it looks at its relationship with people, with you. We found that being true to our values, focusing on innovations, and simplifying the smartphone experience, and beginning to capture the heart and mind of our catalysts. This is what ‘Quietly Brilliant’ is about and this is what drives our business,” says Chua.

“HTC is now in top four smartphone maker and continues to be the major global Android and Windows smartphone brand. In fact, we are actually very excited about the upcoming HTC Windows Phone 7 launch. Today, we are introducing the new HTC Sense, and also a series of connected service we called HTCSense.com. HTCSense.com will provide additional capability to manage, control and customize the experience from the phone or from the PC,” he said.

Wayne Tang, product manager of HTC Singapore, uses various scenarios on how the HTC Sense would provide the convenience in one’s daily life – at work, travelling to other countries, etc. Tang also introduced;the features on the Desire HD and Desire Z.

The media also got the chance to try out the map navigation with the Desire HD. The phone will give out appropriate voice instructions on when and where to turn during the journey. Even if you missed a turn, it will map out an alternate route for you almost immediately.

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