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HTC teases ‘remarkable’ ReCamera GoPro rival, but man, is that thing ugly

It’s looking more and more likely that HTC’s next glitzy press shindig will be about an uncharacteristic little digital camera rather than a smartphone, smartwatch or tablet.


It’s a selfie-centric smartphone. It’s a One Max phablet follow-up. It’s a tablet. It’s a Nexus 9 tablet. It’s a GoPro action camera competitor. It’s a water pipe. It’s a waterproof inhaler. How did we get from there to here? Blame it on HTC’s confusing buildup for the mysterious October 8 “double exposure” event.

First, they, well, scheduled the press gathering and sent out cryptic invitations starring two women staring into a One M8. So intriguing. Then, they uploaded an equally ambiguous clip on YouTube, warning us that “something remarkable” was coming.

Can you feel the thrills? Cherish the moment, because soon after the video went live, a few photos of some kind of imaging-focused tube emerged via a website reportedly set up by the very manufacturers of the device. So much for secrecy.

Of course, as soon as the pics started circulating on the interwebs, they got pulled from their source. Classic track-covering maneuver. But you can’t fool us any longer, HTC. We know what you have in the pipeline (pun intended), and we don’t like it one bit.

Sure, it’s tiny, water-protected, apparently, and capable of keeping up with the adventurous. It looks like it’ll clip on to all sorts of objects, clothing items, backpacks, whatever, and feature a bitching slow-motion video recording mode.


But nothing can make up for the uninspired, nay, horrible design. And “ReCamera”? Is that really how you plan on calling it? Besides, the extreme action video photography audience is fairly small, and it’s going to be mighty difficult to rock GoPro’s complete domination of the market niche.

Unless the HTC ReCamera is conceived as a companion device for compatible Android smartphones and tablets, Nexus 9 included, and October 8 brings forth not only the “smart inhaler”. Here’s an idea, what if the ReCamera were able to record footage and simultaneously stream it on the N9? Now that’s something we’d be willing to get on board with, fugly aesthetics or no fugly aesthetics.

Sources: Android Police, Reddit, Twitter 

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