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HTC surpasses Samsung in Japanese smartphone sales, Butterfly 2 said to be in the works

Do you know how Samsung seems to dominate Android smartphone sales globally for what’s starting to feel like an eternity? And how OEMs like HTC or Sony can’t even touch them? Well, there is one major market where the status quo is significantly different – Japan.

HTC J Butterfly

The Land of the Rising Sun has thus seen HTC overtaking Sammy in smartphone sales during Q1 2013, according to a newly published IDC Japan report. The gap between the two is fairly small, but you know what the ironic part is? Their battle is not for gold, but instead… for the number five spot in the ranks.

It seems unbelievable, I know, but people don’t write songs with titles like “Big in Japan” for no reason. The country is truly an entirely different world than what you and I are accustomed with, which is proven by the name of the smartphone manufacturers that have topped the Q1 sales charts.

Apple has unsurprisingly snatched the gold, with a solid 39.6% market share, but the silver went Sharp’s way (!), courtesy of a 14.6% piece of the pie. Sony followed in third, with 13.3%, whereas Fujitsu (who?) managed to comfortably beat both HTC and Sammy to the punch, with an 8.3% share.

Meanwhile, the company that’s best known in Japan for designing the J Butterfly sold 6.6% of all of the country’s smartphones between January and March and Samsung closely followed, with a modest 5.8% share.

Now, before all you Samsung haters can start gloating, keep in mind that this is not exactly a major defeat for the Galaxy makers. After all, smartphone shipments in Japan only hit 6.81 million units in Q1 2013 on the whole. Then again, this goes to show us no one’s unbeatable.

On a somewhat different note, there may be a Butterfly 2 already in the making, according to Focus Taiwan’s undisclosed sources. Let me rephrase that – besides the Butterfly S, which is basically confirmed already, HTC might have another member of the family in the pipeline.

This second (third?)-gen phone should be made available in the year’s fourth quarter (read: right ahead of the holiday season), but at the moment there are no additional details known about it. Of course, I could speculate as to the featuring of a Snapdragon 800 CPU or a larger than 5-inch Full HD screen, but I’d rather not. Yet.

Via [Focus Taiwan]

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