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HTC slates ‘double exposure’ event for October 8, selfie-centric Eye phone incoming?

Now that things are starting to quiet down in the tech scene on the heels of IFA 2014 and Apple’s iPhone 6/Watch intro, the timing seems right to prepare ourselves for other fall releases, including a mystery HTC event next month.


Between the Desire 510 and 820 announcements, One E8’s spread and the debut of the One M8 for Windows, you can’t really accuse HTC of slacking off these past few weeks. Yet their late summer/early fall product roster has clearly lacked a certain je ne sais quoi, a wow factor or pizazz, which Apple, Samsung, Sony and even Asus definitely brought to the table.

But the holiday shopping season is still a little ways down the road, and all signs point to HTC upping their game pretty soon. The Nexus 9 will assuredly change our perspective on the Nexus franchise, possibly as early as this month, and then you have a cryptic device or devices ready to break cover in early October.

Namely, on October 8, in New York. Whoa, NY, this must be good. Unfortunately, the invitations sent to numerous press outlets reveal little to nothing on the identity of the gathering’s star(s), showcasing two retro ladies staring into an HTC One M8.


The “double exposure” tag doesn’t help us figure out much either, although clearly whatever HTC has in store can take outstanding selfies. Wait a minute, it was only a few months back we caught wind of a so-called “Eye” phone focused on delivering the most bitching self-portrait photos.

Could the thing be a variation of the M8 with a superior front-facing camera? Say, an 8 MP or so unit? Maybe an improved rear dual snapper too, with, oh I don’t know, 8 UltraPixels? It’s a possibility, albeit it sounds more like a fantasy.

I guess a One Max phablet follow-up isn’t entirely out of the question either, since the massive 5.9 incher turns one year around the date of this “double exposure” event. There was also chatter of HTC trying its hand at tablets outside the Nexus spectrum, though that wouldn’t explain why the invite revolves around a handheld.

Finally, a smartwatch would have also been a prime suspect were it not for “industry insiders” that recently came forward with credible whispers of a last-minute setback. Any other guesses?

Source: Cnet

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