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HTC sends armed robbery victim new smartphone

HTC sent the victim of a recent armed robbery some new swags to replace his old life-saving gear.  The only thing missing was Iron Man.


HTC has been dying for some good publicity lately, and luckily for the handset maker their answer came in the form of a man getting shot.  Well, taken out of context and that will sound very wrong, but it’s actually a feel good story that HTC should exploit—if, they provide the victim with some quality goodies.

A Florida gas station clerk was recently shot at point blank by a cranky robber, but luckily for the man, his HTC handset was in his chest pocket at the time and the phone took the fatal blow instead.

Such a miraculous tale became viral and HTC caught wind of what happened and sent the clerk a get well package.  They sent him a brand new HTC One handset, complete with all the necessary accessories to ensure that he’ll stay connected and continue on with his life.  Oh, and a coffee mug, too.  Although it would have been much cooler if Iron Man flew in on the company’s chopper and handed the swags to the clerk himself.

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