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HTC reveals size of pricetag for Flyer tablet

Remember how we once spoke about OEMs loving to tease consumers by intentionally revealing a lot of information about an upcoming product, only to withhold the most important  parts in order to feed the hype machine? Well, HTC is at it again: after talking about its plans for a tablet and showing off the HTC Flyer over at Mobile World Congress, the Taiwanese smartphone OEM has finally spilled the beans about the elusive pricetag its Flyer will come attached with when the device is finally released for retail.

With tablets popping up all over the market like popcorn kernels in a microwavable popcorn bag, it should probably come as little surprise that OEMs need to offer more than just a pretty shell in order to capture the hearts of consumers. Not to mention that this is especially so when one takes into account that the vast majority of tablets on the market today can only offer a limited choice of operating systems for the consumer to choose from.

And while HTC may have gained a huge deal of publicity with its upcoming HTC Flyer tablet, the fact remains that consumers are still in the dark about certain details pertaining to the device. Granted, everybody knows that the Flyer will come equipped with a seven-inch capacitive touchscreen, a single-core Snapdragon SoC clocked at 1.5GHz and 32GB of NAND flash memory, but HTC has yet to reveal just how badly the Flyer will hurt one's wallet when the tablet is finally released for retail. And the good news is that consumers no longer have to wait for that information anymore. 


According to our sources, the HTC Flyer is expected to retail for the handsome sum of US$669 (approx  S$853), which makes it one of the more costlier tablets to enter the market in 2011. However, we should point out that the large pricetag was to be expected: after all, HTC had already confirmed in our previous article that the Flyer is not going to be an affordable tablet due to various features such as its design, processor and more importantly, the unique stylus which none of the competition has yet to offer.

However, it appears that there might be some good news in store for consumers who are planning to get their hands on a new Flyer when it officially reaches our shores. After all, most tablets are usually sold at a discounted price as part of a data subscription bundle, so here's hoping that whichever telco that manages to secure distribution rights for the device will be able to offer an attractive pricetag for the entire data bundle.

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