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HTC releases Droid DNA source code

In the Android community there are few things that can get a developer motivated than fresh code.  Developers everywhere have anxiously waited for this and an equal number of Android owners have as well.  It's time to see what the community can make this phone really do.

Having source code released means a couple different things.  It means new ROMs, new kernels and the ability to get rid of the pesky bloatware that comes with the phone from the factory and carrier.  Any and all of which are something HTC Droid DNA owners are all celebrating.  It's all about customization when it comes to the Android super user.  With this code, developers can take a standard, Jelly Bean powered phone and turn it into something that they and the user can really enjoy.

Now to add on to that, Verizon has never been known to make this easy.  The Droid DNA does have a locked bootloader.  Be that as it may, the Android community of developers didn't see this as a problem and found an exploit to take care of the issue.  With the bootloader unlocked it takes down the main wall for the phone to be touched by the pending developers.  HTC itself is, however, very much in touch and in tune with the wants of the developers and such released the code for enthusiasts to play with.  While the code is still fresh, you can expect to see ROM's and kernels coming out, being tested, revamped and tested again.  It shouldn't take too long for the community to have a main base such as CyanogenMod to play with and mod out.

Source: Android Police

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