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HTC pulls yet another Samsung, confusingly outing a rehashed One M8s

Eerily familiar would probably be an understated description of the “new” phone’s looks and specifications.

HTC One M8s

It’s no secret HTC is in a bit of a creative slump lately, failing to follow up on an avant-garde original One powerhouse with something other than mildly upgraded, semi-impressive 2014 and 2015 flagships. Don’t get us wrong, the M9 is as handsome and robust as its predecessors, which is exactly what’s “wrong” with it. Been there, done that.

Unfortunately, the Taiwanese OEM’s poor unimaginative form seems to be spreading to its mid-range lineup as well, and basically every mistake Samsung made in the name of product diversity, HTC is echoing. The sincerest type of flattery?

You can say that again, thinking back to all the Galaxy S5 Pluses, S3 Neos, S2 Pluses and so on and so forth. In fact, we’re genuinely surprised the HTC One M8s isn’t called M8 Plus. One M8 Two? One M8 Neo?

They could’ve all worked, since you’re dealing with a repackaged M8, aluminum unibody and all. Tipping the scales at the same 160 grams, but measuring a slightly chunkier 9.5 mm in waist, the M8s touts a marginally beefier 2,840 mAh battery.

Alas, while the Snapdragon 615 processor inside is an octa, not a quad-core, 64-bit-capable, not just 32-bit, it’s likely slower than the standard M8’s S801. The unpopular 4 Ultrapixel rear camera is ditched in favor of a straightforward 13 MP shooter, with 2 GB RAM, 16 GB base internal storage, microSD support and a 5 MP front-facing cam retained to further emphasize the striking resemblances between the two handhelds.

Ironically, the M8s also clings to the sixth iteration of HTC’s proprietary Sense UI instead of going 7.0 in keeping with the times. Essentially, this means the “fresh” 5 incher is outdated out the box software-wise, although it runs Android 5.0 Lollipop.

Headed to various European markets “in early April”, the silver, gold and gunmetal gray mid-ranger will cost the equivalent of $565 or so in the UK. Fret not, that’s £380 in local currency, so it should convert to $400 tops stateside, if the One M8s ever visits those shores. We almost wish it wouldn’t.

Source: Pocket-Lint

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