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HTC One Mini makes another appearance on camera, specs said to include 1 GB of RAM

Remember how nicely all of the HTC One Mini puzzle pieces seemed to have fallen into place last week? The petite (by 2013 standards) phone smiled to the camera more than once and had its specs revealed, looking like a far superior mid-range, mid-sized option to a flagship than Samsung’s GS4 Mini.


But alas, it appears this fellow will not be as spectacular as initially believed. No, HTC hasn’t made any last-minute design tweaks to spoil that premium aluminum unibody feel of things, but the Taiwanese may have changed their minds as to one key feature of the device – RAM.

According to a very believable scoop brought to us by German website Android Next, the One Mini packs just 1 gig of RAM. That may have been enough for Android high-enders just 12 months ago, but right now it sounds a little on the light side for an upper mid-range contender.


The S4 Mini, for instance, comes with a fairly odd but definitely more desirable 1.5 GB of RAM, paired with the same Snapdragon 400 CPU found inside the HTC One Mini. Hence, it seems only fair to assume HTC One’s lieutenant will lag behind its number one competitor in terms of raw speed or multitasking.

Oh, well, at least One Mini’s 4.3-inch screen is still tipped to boast a 1,280 x 720 pixels resolution, which is leaps and bounds ahead of S4 Mini’s 960 x 540 panel. In fact, all of the other features appear to fit early rumors, including a 4 MP Ultrapixel rear snapper, 1.6 MP front cam, Android 4.2 Jelly Bean with Sense 5 on top, 16 GB of internal storage (12 user available), Boom Sound speakers.


The same goes for the design, highlighted in a couple of new pics, but already as transparent as glass for us members of the media. Remember, early August is the current HTC One Mini ETA, but the million dollar question is shall we still be excited about this thing or is it not worth our time anymore due to the RAM downgrade. Well, you tell us.

Via [Android Next]

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