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HTC One Max camera features leaked, fingerprint recognition rate said to be ‘very high’

Well, what do we have here? The HTC One Max is making yet another appearance in the wild, and this time a few of its camera features have been detailed as well.


The same tester that has leaked the HTC One Max so many times in the past few weeks is the one behind today’s leak. This time around, we have a couple of screenshots of the camera interface of the handset, showing off features such as panoramic mode, beauty shot with three levels of blemish removal, and HDR video. We’ll likely also see features such as Zoe, which debuted on the HTC One.

This tester also confirms that the square on the back of the One Max is indeed a fingerprint scanner, and that it works quite accurately. “Spent a few days HTC one Max fingerprint recognition rate is very high, there was no awkward situation,” he wrote. That’s nice to hear, as HTC really can’t afford to tack on features that don’t work well, especially a feature that’s going to make it stand out from competing devices even if it might not have the latest and greatest chipset powering it.

Oh, and this guy has even rooted the HTC One Max already, as you can see in the image up top. Talk about having fun with a device before its even announced, let alone launched in the market.

HTC-One-Max-root-and-camera-features (3)

HTC-One-Max-root-and-camera-features (2)

HTC-One-Max-root-and-camera-features (1)

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