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HTC One M9 for Windows (10) probably coming soon, but not at MWC

Surprised? Don’t be, the One M8 also got a WP-running variation, and Windows 10 isn’t supposed to see daylight until summer anyway.

HTC One M8 for Windows

The newly crowned king of mobile leaks, known on the interwebs simply as @upleaks, has recently disclosed a treasure trove of inside information on several future HTC devices. Some of the intel was even corroborated by the former rumor-mongering tycoon, @evleaks, and there’s no reason to suspect the One M9, M9 Plus and Desire A55, as described by the two, are hoaxes.

Now, there’s word on the street regarding a fourth soon-to-be HTC flagship, and it’s just as believable. Maybe more so, since the “HimaW” would follow a trend of the Taiwanese OEM initiated last year.

Probably set to carry One M9 for Windows market branding, the HimaW is, you guessed it, a carbon copy of the standard, Android-running M9 powered by Microsoft software. The latest iteration of Windows, supposedly, i.e. version 10, currently in development and slated for general availability in the fall.

HTC Windows 10

As early as May, according to optimistic sources, although even if that’s the case, we figure Redmond will look to out a new high-end Lumia before giving the green-light to the Windows 10-based One M9.

Either way, it’s highly unlikely the Hima and HimaW will be sharing the Barcelona stage for a joint Mobile World Congress introduction on March 1. You know it, we know it, and @upleaks adamantly confirms it.

Unfortunately, the M9 for Windows is to take one more cue from its predecessor and pacesetter, rolling out to US tile fans only to start with. Any chance for a global spread down the way? Well, the Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile-exclusive M8 for Windows never reached Asia or Europe, but @upleaks says “currently” the HimaW is aimed squarely at America. Look, a glimmer of hope!

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