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HTC One M9 sequel possibly dubbed O2, expected out in two sizes next year

The Taiwanese company’s conventional naming tactic could be abandoned, sources say, and both the 5 and 6-inch O2s are tipped to offer ultra-high-end specifications.

HTC One M9

In a desperate attempt to overturn the gloomy fate of its latest hero device, HTC was not long ago rumored to prepare an “intermediate” Aero flagship. But seeing as how the wretched financial situation requires a major “streamlining effort”, issuing another fickle Snapdragon 810 product by the end of the year doesn’t feel very smart.

Instead, the designers of the beautiful but perennially flawed One-series handhelds may take their time, waiting for Qualcomm to dispatch the improved 820 silicon, and try to overhaul the premium mobile family.

If speculation furnished by two separate Asian publications pans out, the “One M10” shouldn’t look remarkably different from its predecessor on the outside. Yet HTC will want you to believe it’s the result of a radical remodeling, possibly branding it O2.

No connection whatsoever with the British carrier, we presume, or the molecular formula of oxygen. It’s simply the best method the struggling OEM could think of to hint at a second-generation One. No, the HTC Two was never an option.


Of course, no one really gives a rat’s behind about monikers, and what we’re far more interested in is specs. Once again, if rumors come to pass, the O2 will first launch in a jumbo-sized 6-inch variant with quad-core Snapdragon 820 power, 4 GB RAM, 64 or 128GB internal storage, 20.7 MP rear camera, 5 MP selfie shooter, BoomSound speakers, 3,500 mAh battery and water and dust resistance.

That’s positively dreamy, and potentially game-changing, even in March or April of next year, while if size is a problem, a 5-inch configuration should follow the phablet’s lead. When? We’re not sure, but trust us, the wait shall pay off if the smaller HTC O2 indeed packs the as-yet unnamed octa-core successor of the SD820.

It’s also possible this will up the screen resolution ante from 2K, aka Quad HD, to 4K, which would result in an outlandish ppi. Oh, and you know the annoyingly chunky bezels that HTC can’t get rid of due to front speakers? They’ll apparently slim down somehow while retaining the BoomSound audio system. Mind = blown.

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