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HTC One M9 sales yet to cross 5 million units, according to reports

No wonder a separate flagship device is headed to market in the fall, while next year’s “One M10” should radically revise the worn-out aluminum unibody design.

HTC One M9

You didn’t need to be an industry pundit or possess psychic abilities to guess the way too familiar, underwhelming HTC One M9 started off on the wrong foot at the global box-office. Caught between a rock (the metal-and-glass Galaxy S6/S6 Edge) and a hard place (the leather-clad LG G4), the Full HD 5 incher virtually has no selling point.

Even worse, its own “cousins” are destined to cannibalize sales in parts of Asia and, before long, Europe as well. Not to mention intensifying rumors of earlier than usual next-gen iPhone launches, which can’t help a company seen by many as Apple’s Android counterpart as far as high-end gadget construction goes.


Add recent all-time low market share prices in the equation, and frankly, we’re surprised One M9 shipments are estimated at 4.75 million units. Don’t get us wrong, that’s horrible compared to the 10M score of the S6 and S6 Edge within roughly a month of the duo’s debut, given the M9 will soon celebrate 90 days in stores.

It’s also reportedly a massive dip of nearly 44 percent from One M8’s initial three-month “achievement”, although obviously, HTC never informed the media of official numbers for the 2014 flagship.

But at the end of the day, things could have looked bleaker. Find a bit of comfort in that, HTC, stop being lazy and start innovating before the hole you’re in gets too deep to escape, even with exterior financial support.

Source: Digitimes

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