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HTC One M9 Plus pictured next to standard M9, One E9+ also incoming

One for you, One for you, One for every single one of you…

HTC One M9 Plus One M9

Early response to HTC’s newest flagship phone seems to be reserved at best, with most reviewers describing the One M9 as a “modest step forward”. Meanwhile, Snapdragon 810 overheating concerns are still very much present in the back of prospective buyers’ minds, and the handheld’s release timing compared to Samsung’s Galaxy S6 is far from ideal after all.

At this point, HTC may just as well give up trying to turn the dud into a stud, and go ahead with One family expansion plans. At least one more M9 variant is in the pipeline, according to various tipsters, plus a duo of E9s.

Initially expected alongside the standard M9 at the Mobile World Congress, the M9 Plus, or M9+, might have been scrapped in the meantime. But “cancelled or not”, an early prototype showed its face (and rear) to rising leak star @OnLeaks, revealing a larger 5.2-inch screen fitted into a chassis measuring 150.9 mm in height, 72.5 in width and 10.15 mm in depth.

HTC One E9

So yeah, the assumption remains the M9+ will be M9’s bigger, Quad HD display-sporting, fingerprint-recognizing brother. With a physical home button-like “Touch ID” system. And, for some reason, a circular rear-facing camera.

The (not so) mysterious E9? Its launch is still on, says @upleaks, who unfortunately can’t share an ETA. What he can divulge is a separate soon-to-be One E9 Plus product, with a 20 MP main photographic unit in tow and, presumably, part plastic/part aluminum construction.

The similarly built standard One E9 should settle for a 13 megapixel primary snapper and, based on previously disclosed intel, go beyond the Full HD resolution mark. Specifically, to 2,560 x 1,440 pixels. It all sounds like Samsung Galaxy-grade brand dilution. Which we’re pretty sure wasn’t what HTC fans had in mind when suggesting the Taiwanese could be more like their Korean rivals.

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