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HTC One M9 crushes Samsung Galaxy S6, narrowly beats iPhone 6 in ultimate drop test

Tile and concrete may break the Gorilla Glass 4 screen protection of the M9, but at the end of the day, the all-aluminum phone will still work just fine.

HTC One M9 drop test

Ever wondered what it takes to finish off a mighty slab of silicon like HTC’s newest flagship handheld? A violent drop on concrete? Puh-lease. Three, count’em, three contacts with the uber-hard surface, including one face-first?

Well, that, plus another three touches with tile from over three feet high shall obviously badly damage the 5-inch Android. Will it stop functioning though? Not even close, unlike we know what other brand-new high-end mobile.

Meanwhile, Apple’s iPhone 6 also handled its half a dozen visits at the “local” professional drop test machine, just nowhere near as gracefully as the One M9. Both devices survived at the end of the day, but HTC somehow managed to design a virtually unshakable product.

Look at that beautiful sealed back cover. Despite spectacular springs into thin air after tile and concrete free falls, the phone’s rear stays fully intact, presenting only minor scuffs and bruises.

The metallic sides don’t escape their respective drops as clean and unharmed, yet they endure and produce slightly more visible scratches. Finally, the display suffers greatly from the first plunge, but refuses to die and, overall, looks better than iPhone 6’s panel in the wake of the semi-scientific experiment.

Bottom line, the HTC One M9 is graded 5.5 for durability, the iPhone 6 follows closely, with 5.3 points, and the Galaxy S6 trails well behind, at a 3.7 score. Odd, since a few other recent tests of this nature showed Samsung’s hero withstanding quite a bit of torture.

It’s probably good to keep in mind we’re not dealing with an exact science, not even when machines are involved. Ergo, for your safety (and financial prosperity), it’d be ideal if you never subjected your phone to any form of agony, physical pain or torment.

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