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HTC One (M8) mini supposedly rolling out in May with 4.5-inch display, single rear camera

It doesn’t take an insider to figure out HTC is probably prepping a diminutive version of its latest flagship device, but it’s always good to hear from credible sources a gadget like the One M8 mini indeed exists and is almost all set for a release.

HTC One M8

Some reckon it’s a game-changer, thanks to an even sturdier, more robust aluminum body than the M7’s, surprisingly capable battery, speedy processor and innovative dual camera setup. Others beg to differ, claiming the Duo Camera feature is a gimmick and, compared to Samsung’s Galaxy S5 or Sony’s Xperia Z2, the One (M8) is an overall disappointment.

But I think fans and haters alike can agree on one thing: HTC’s launch timing for the 2014 One has been a glorious triumph, preceding both the S5 and Z2 on store shelves. Looking ahead, if the M8 mini is to stand a chance in its pocket-sized bout with the imminent S5 mini and LG G2 mini, it needs a swift turnaround.

No more waiting until July to announce the beefy munchkin, and then August to actually put it up for grabs. Luckily, rumor has it the HTC One M8 mini is “firmly on the horizon”, with the Taiwanese eyeing a May commercial debut.


When exactly in May? It might sound irrelevant, however odds are the GS5 mini will break cover next month too. The G2 mini? It’s already official, and due out in Europe in a few weeks, but it’s probably not a contender.

Not if current speculation pans out, with HTC allegedly planning a 720p or 1,080p 4.5-inch display, the same iconic premium unibody aluminum build and just one camera slapped on the thing’s back. Worried about that last part? You shouldn’t, as UltraPixel technology may finally be ditched for a standard but punchy 13 MP sensor.

And no, I don’t think it’s possible HTC will cram Full HD resolution into such a tiny piece of glass. But HD will do just fine, as long as it’s backed by 2 GB RAM and a quad-core Snapdragon 600 or 800 chip. 1 GB memory and a 1.7 GHz Snapdragon 400? It’s not a mind-blowing hardware configuration, yet I can think of worse.

Source: 3G UK

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