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HTC One A9 tipped as prime suspect for mystery September 6 event

The Android-powered iPhone 6 doppelganger may first break cover in China, a market HTC seems to grow more enamored with by the day.

HTC September 6 event

Among the companies reportedly looking to skip the impending IFA 2015 trade show in Berlin, Lenovo eyes a second-gen Moto 360 debut the very day before Apple’s big iPhone 6s/6s Plus event, and HTC goes an even more peculiar scheduling path.

Based on a teaser image uploaded to the Taiwanese device manufacturer’s Weibo account earlier today, September 6 will see a “superiorly handsome” new smartphone come out. This can really only be the oft-rumored One A9, aka Aero, or a China-specific derivation of sorts.

Perhaps a variant technologically better than the eventual Western model again, with Quad HD screen resolution, not Full HD, and 4 gigs of RAM, compared to 3. Of course, that’s all unfounded speculation, so let’s circle back to the September 6 D-Day for a moment.

HTC One A9

Not just dangerously close to the introduction timing of the much higher-profile iPhone 6s and 6s Plus, that’s a Sunday, and it’s also day 3 of the official IFA festivities. As long as the expo is still on, you’d think the world would be tuned in to the capital of Germany and its no doubt countless glitzy announcements, but the fact of the matter is everyone and their mother will wrap up unveiling new gear by Friday, September 4.

Bottom line, if HTC indeed plans to take the covers off the One A9 on Sunday, September 6, we’re ready to wager its remaining hardcore fans will take notice, but that’s about it. Isn’t that so, Samsung, Apple, LG and Google aficionados, as well as all you neutral mobile enthusiasts?

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