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HTC may have revealed its unannounced smartwatch in an official video

HTC’s upcoming smartwatch might have been hiding in plain sight in an official video that offers a behind the scenes look at the company’s design process.


A recent leak gave us the first glimpse at what was supposedly the HTC smartwatch, but a video released by HTC to show how it designs phones managed to leak the smartwatch a few days before without anyone noticing it.

The video was posted on July 9, and a few eagle-eyed viewers have spotted what looks like the HTC smartwatch. Around the 35-second mark, the watch is shown sitting on a stand, which is possibly the cradle that will be used for charging the watch. From what is visible, the watch looks similar to the one seen in the aforementioned leak, with a square watch face like the Samsung Gear Live and the LG G Watch.

The watch’s appearance in one of HTC’s own videos seems to suggest this was a deliberate reveal by the company. There’s still no info on when HTC plans to make an official announcement or the watch’s features, though it shouldn’t be long before more details start popping up.

[youtube id=”UHvbLkFbYJM” width=”620″ height=”360″]

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