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HTC Hima Ultra, Butterfly 3 and T1H Tablet could be launching alongside Hima next year


After leaking details on the HTC Hima flagship smartphone for 2015, upleaks is back with more details on HTC’s 2015 plans. The proven leaker has now shared that HTC will also be launching an Ultra variant of the Hima, the Butterfly 3 and also a tablet based on the Google Nexus 9. Apart from these, HTC is also said to be working on the second generation HTC RE Camera 2.

The Hima Ultra will apparently be sold by Verizon Wireless in US and will also be available in most Asian markets, including China. No details on the device seem to be available currently, but the name does suggest that it could be a phablet variant of the HTC 2015 flagship Hima smartphone. Something similar to the HTC One Max that launched last year.

The HTC Butterfly 3 sounds interesting as well, and the smartphone will apparently be launched only in Asia and be sold in Japan by the Japanese carrier KDDI, just like its two predecessors. HTC Butterfly smartphones have been restricted to the Asian market so far, so it looks like HTC doesn’t plan on launching its future Butterfly line of smartphones outside Asia for now.

HTC is also said to be working on a tablet device that will be very similar to the Google Nexus 9 that is manufactured by HTC. The Tablet has been codenamed T1H and will come in Wi-Fi only and 4G LTE variants. We expect it to be almost identical to the Nexus 9, but instead of stock Android, it will run a customized version of Android Lollipop with the HTC Sense UI.

The RE Camera 2 is also in development currently purportedly and will launch in various markets around the world and come in Wi-Fi and 4G LTE variants. A custom CDMA LTE variant is being made as well, perhaps headed to Verizon Wireless. Lastly, upleaks claims that Hima will support SRS Sound enhancer feature. Seeing how impressive the HTC BoomSound already is, the SRS Sound enhancer feature sound very interesting indeed.

The leaker has been pretty accurate with leaks on previous HTC devices, so the latest rumors about Hima and other 2015 HTC devices could turn out to be pretty accurate as well.




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