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HTC HD2 gets an Android 6.0 Marshmallow port

Th1e popular Windows Mobile device can now run the latest version of Android.


There probably isn’t a more popular device among the smartphone modding community than the HTC HD2. Launched running Windows Mobile back in 2009, a slew of operating systems have been ported to the device in the last couple of years, including every version of Android starting with Android 2.2 Froyo. Well, it’s not surprising to see that Android 6.0, aka Marshmallow, has made it to the HD2 as well.

The Marshmallow ROM for the HD2 is more or less a proof of concept, with not many of the software’s features working. Only the audio, display and Wi-Fi connectivity work, and it’s unlikely that the ROM will ever be fully useful. But then again, the point of porting Marshmallow to a device that is now six years old isn’t to make it a viable alternative to the original operating system, and the fact that the HD2 can even run Marshmallow is a great example of its customizable nature.

Source: XDA

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