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HTC has 7-inch Desire tablet in the works, according to Zauba

The Indian import/export tracker strikes again, outing a low-cost Android slate that might be an entirely different kettle of fish from the previously exposed H7.

HTC Flyer back

Tired of doing the same things over and over again, which certainly contributed to the company’s dire financial status, HTC’s powers that be reportedly green-lighted a series of outside-the-box projects lately, including the Nexus 9, Aero and H7/T7 tabs.

The “intermediate” Aero flagship phone is less and less of a question mark by the day, allegedly laying the groundwork for a radically upgraded One M9 sequel early next year. But on the 7-inch front, Zauba just crossed our wires by letting 20 Desire-T7 DS test samples pass through the Delhi Air Cargo after leaving Taiwan.

Equipped with a pair of SIM slots and mysterious quad-core processor (probably a Snapdragon 410), this no doubt low-end 7 incher is estimated at a per unit value of roughly $180. That’s slightly more than the H7 back in May, suggesting perhaps HTC has two own-brand pads in the pipeline.

HTC Desire T7

Both aimed at cash-strapped buyers in emerging markets, at least one christened after the moderately successful low to mid-end Desire handheld family, and both capable of cellular connectivity (including via standalone voice calls), likely capped off at 3G. Also, due out in single and dual SIM configurations.

With HD screen resolution, at best, 1 GB RAM under the hood and, hopefully, some design cues borrowed from the premium-looking Google-endorsed N9. ETAs? Hard to say, but the sooner the better, since the S410 chip isn’t getting any younger, and before long, a skimpy gig of memory might gross out even the thriftiest mobile enthusiasts.

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