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HTC ‘drifting away’ from Windows Phone, all future efforts to be focused on Android

No matter if you like Windows Phone or not, if you’re rooting for it to grow and become solid competition for Android or you reckon the smartphone market will thrive on a Google – Apple duopoly, you can’t deny Microsoft’s platform is almost exclusively Nokia’s territory at the moment.


In fact, according to a recently published IDC report, the Finnish OEM holds a massive 81.6% market share as far as Windows Phone shipments are concerned. That’s valid for this year’s second fiscal quarter (i.e. April to June), with Samsung being the distant number two (11.5% share) and HTC snatching bronze, courtesy of a measly 4.6% piece of the (not so) big pie. Which translates into 400k units sold.

HTC’s share in the claustrophobic WP world has dropped from 8.2% last year, hence we can’t help but wonder if the Taiwanese are not better off just canceling all Windows efforts. And if we are to trust Digitimes, that’s exactly what the One makers are considering.

As usual, the online publication’s “industry sources” are pretty light on specifics, so we don’t know if HTC has one, two or no Windows Phones in the pipeline. But one thing’s for sure – the company’s future, near or distant, lies solely with Android.


Sounds like a healthy business strategy, only HTC’s position in the Android universe is not impressively steady either. It’s no longer a secret that Samsung’s crown is safe for years to come, but apparently the Taiwanese are faced with an uphill battle to even reach the market podium.

Again according to IDC, Sammy led Q2 2013 shipments with a phenomenal 39.1% share (73.3 million units), followed by LG, with 6.5%, Lenovo (6.1%), Huawei (5.4) and ZTE (also 5.4). Where does that leave HTC? Not sure, but likely under the 10 million units sold mark, since Huawei and ZTE barely topped that number (10.2, to be more exact).

All things considered, who here thinks HTC has a chance to survive and thrive in the Android décor? And who feels the backing away from Windows Phone might be just the beginning of the end for the OEM?

Via [Digitimes]

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