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HTC continues to tease the camera on the HTC 10

HTC continues to tease the camera on the HTC 10

HTC has been making bold claims about its upcoming flagship, the HTC 10, in recent weeks, going as far as saying that the device will feature a world class smartphone camera, booming audio, fastest performance, and more. The claims about the camera have drawn the most attention, as the imaging prowess of the last couple of HTC flagships was rather disappointing.

The HTC 10 might change things for the better though, as the company is once again teasing its camera performance. HTC has launched a video teaser that talks about how it is obsessed with providing the “the best ever smartphone for shooting photos and videos.” At one point in the teaser, the words UltraPixel Sensor and OIS can be seen, suggesting HTC will continue with an UltraPixel camera for the third year in a row.

Optical image stabilization will be back as well, though it remains to be seen what megapixel count will be offered by the sensor. A low resolution was one of the biggest limitations of HTC’s yesteryear UltraPixel cameras, and the company had teased a while back that it is working on a higher-resolution version. The HTC 10 looks set to be the platform where this sensor debuts, and it’s now only a matter of days before we find out if the company can keep the promises it has so boldly been making.

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