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HTC bosses rave about upcoming ‘disruptive’ tablet, confirm wearable technology interest

Despite pushing the envelope like no other smartphone OEM in terms of designs and build quality with the One, One mini and max, HTC’s financial slump continues as the Taiwanese keep losing market share not only against traditional rivals Samsung and Apple, but also Huawei or ZTE.


As a logical consequence, CEO Peter Chou has reportedly “handed over some of his duties” to chairwoman Cher Wang. But a management change is unlikely to shift things in the right direction unless it comes packaged with some strategy alterations. Which it apparently will, according to statements from both Chou and Wang.

The two company execs have confessed to the Financial Times that HTC is prepping a grandiose tablet comeback, a thing we’ve heard some rumblings in the rumor mix a couple of times before.

Only this time the intel comes right from the horse’s mouth, so Apple, Google, Asus and everyone else involved in the slate making business, beware, as HTC’s follow-up to the dismal Jestream and Flyer “will be something nice and disruptive”.

Yay for vagueness as no other details have been mentioned in relation to the “disruptive” upcoming HTC tab. Chances are it’ll run Android as Windows-based slates seem like too big a gamble for an already struggling tech player.


Also, a One-like outer look, with metal-clad frame, is definitely in the cards, though it all depends on when is the new gadget to see daylight. Will it be this year? Probably not. The first half of 2014? Perhaps.

Another intriguing nugget of info revealed by the executive duo over at HTC is wearable gizmos are viewed as “a critical segment for us” and “one area we are excited about”. Hmm, so does that mean the Samsung Galaxy Gear smartwatch will soon get an HTC-made antagonist? Or maybe the Taiwanese will go straight for Google’s jugular, with a Glass rival?

You’ll get no clear answer from Chou or Wang to the two questions, but, listen to this, the two have actually confessed to working with Microsoft” several years ago” on a smartwatch, dismissing the concept at the time for not “meeting a need”.

Sounds like an indirect Galaxy Gear jab to me, yet if HTC doesn’t present an alternative soon enough, they’ll just come off as bitter, don’t you agree? And by the by, I get this need of branching out, but am I the only one that thinks the One makers should stick to what they know best, i.e. designing wickedly sleek smartphones, and simply raise the marketing bar?

Sources: Financial Times, The Next Web

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