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HP’s portable entertainment machine – Pavilion dv7t

Connectivity options is never problem on the dv7t. Here, we see (going from L to R) a standard VGA output port, HP Expansion Port 3 connector, Ethernet port, HDMI 1.3b output (yes, HDMI), eSATA/USB multi-function port (yes, eSATA), another USB-only port, mini-Firewire, and an ExpressCard/54 slot which also supports ExpressCard/34..

The other side is pretty simple, with two USB ports, the optical drive, TV antenna connector, a 56kbps modem port and the power connector. At the front of the laptop are three jacks, one for microphone input, while the other two are for audio output.


Flipping the laptop over reveals a simple underside with some air intake vents to help with cooling. There is only one laptop fan at the corner which helps to cool the internals. Popping out the battery shows an 8-cell model with 73wHr capacity.

The dv7t can come with either a 6-cell or 8-cell battery you can choose when your are ordering. The 8-cell is the way to go because it is able to sit within the battery bay and not protrude out of the chassis in any way.

At one corner on the back of the Pavilion dv7t’s screen sits a the usual HP logo. But this one is a little different – it lights up whenever the laptop is on.

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