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HP’s new Z VR Backpack will power your VR future

01 August 2017 – HP has announced a major strategic initiative to provide a unified solution for companies expanding into Virtual Reality (VR), enabling these businesses to reduce production cycles, improve training and deliver fully immersive customer experience.

As part of their new VR initiative, HP have now unveiled the world’s first professional wearable VR PC – the HP Z VR Backpack PC which will provide VR developers with a powerful solution to develop immersive visuals while enjoying the freedom to move around. Its a not just a VR backpack but actually a complete solution that will let developers translate their dreams and ideas into virtual reality seamlessly for the rest of us to enjoy.

Now HP have previously announced a VR Backpack just a month ago, the HP Omen X VR bundle. However whereas the Omen X is a gaming system, the HP Z VR Backpack PC is a full enterprise solution with workstation class performance and in fact is the world’s first PC to feature the powerful NVIDIA Quadro P5200 GPU with 16GB memory.

Like the Omen X VR, the HP Z VR is a miniPC that can be easily detached from its bespoke backpack harness and docked to a HP Z VR Dock to multiple peripherals including support for two 4K displays and full compatibility with a range of VR headsets including the HTC Vive BE and the HP Windows Mixed Reality Headset. The HP Z VR Backpack will be available in September stating at US$3,299.

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