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HP’s New Sprocket Plus Is a Pocket Printer the Size of a Smartphone

HP’s line of portable photo printers has just received a refresh with the addition of the all-new Sprocket Plus. Like Polaroid’s Zip and Fujifilm’s Instax Share, HP’s Sprocket is a pocketable device that allows users to print out small photos on the go.

The Sprocket Plus delivers larger prints in a thinner package. Image: HP

Unlike previous Sprocket devices, the Sprocket Plus prints a large 5.8×8.6cm image, which can double as a sticker with its peelable backing. This makes it an excellent choice for scrapbooking or for your creative gift ideas. By way of comparison, it delivers 30% larger prints, up from the older generation Sprocket devices which produced 5×7.6cm prints.

At 142 x 89 x 18mm, the Sprocket Plus is significantly smaller than its competition. About the size and feel of the average smartphone, it is impossible to miss out on the fun with it in your pocket.

At SGD229, the new Sprocket Plus slots itself between the older Sprocket Photo Printer (SGD199/USD147), and the Sprocket 2-in-1 (SGD239/USD176).

Like its Sprocket predecessors, you are also able to give more meaning by overlaying AR content in the form of a photo sequence or a video, which loved ones can reveal by scanning the prints with the Sprocket app on their smartphone.

The HP Sprocket Plus is available on the HP website and retailers at an MSRP of SGD299. It comes in White, Black and a beautiful Iron Man-esque Red.

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