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HP to launch ENVY 27-inch IPS display with Beats audio

For those people that gripe about the low sound quality of built-in speakers that are found in most displays on the market, HP has an answer to the complaints of audiophiles.

HP will soon launch its ENVY 27-inch IPS display featuring Dr. Dre’s approved Beats tuned sound system.  The speakers are located at the bottom of the display and are tilted upward at a slight angle.  A headphone jack as well as a subwoofer and digital audio outputs are also built-in for your convenience.

Skepticism about the sound quality of the display aside, let take a quick peek at what the monitor has to offer in terms of a monitor.  The 27-inch display features edge-to-edge (as opposed to the rather ambiguous term “frameless”) glass design, and a very thin bezel wrapping the sides and top.  HP claims that the IPS panel allows for a viewing angle of 178 degrees horizontally and vertically, and thickness-wise, the display measures just 13.95mm at the top.

The MSRP for HP’s audio-enhanced Envy monitor is $499, and is due for launch on February 3.  Truth be told, for that price, one can certainly pick up a premium monitor from other OEMs and spend a bit of gold for a true surround sound set-up.


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