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HP to launch 10-inch Tegra 4 Android tablet

HP may soon launch a 10-inch Android tablet to follow up its recent release of the HP Slate 7.

The SlateBook 10 X2 was spotted in an AnTuTu benchmark running Android 4.2.2 and clocked at 1810 MHz.  The slate’s resolution is unknown, but according to the source the tested SlateBook 10 X2 is rocking a Tegra 4 chip.

NVIDIA has had a hard time convincing OEMs that its Tegra 4 platform is the ideal choice for tablets and smartphones, but apparently HP has hopped onboard and may feature the quad-core chip.  With competitions from Samsung’s new Exynos A15 chips and cheaper alternatives out of Asia, NVIDIA is up against stiff competitions in every segment of the ARM chip industry.

(NVIDIA showing off its Quadrant score at MWC.)

Despite having gone with Tegra in past tablets such as the Transformer lines, Asus—among others—have yet to reveal their plans on integrating Tegra 4 into their mobile devices.  The numbers gathered via various benchmarks have revealed that Tegra 4 is a force to be reckoned with, so it's not a matter of performance but perhaps price.

That said, HP will probably join the wave of early Tegra 4 adopters, and launch a premium tablet to contend with slates from Samsung and Google in the Android space. HP failed several years ago to win consumers over with its TouchPad WebOS tablet.  On the hardware front, the TouchPad was respectable, but WebOS was essentially the dagger in the back.  Once the TouchPad prices started falling however, the slate became a hot commodity for DIY modders as people began replacing the stock OS with ported versions of Android.

The TouchPad debacle is over, and HP is hoping to start anew with Android.  Of course you can’t go wrong with Android unless the hardware is shoddy, and the Tegra 4 isn’t.

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