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HP Sprocket Plus Portable Photo Printer Review

HP Sprocket Plus


Photo Quality






Printing photos on your own for scrapbooking has always been a pain because it takes so long. You have to send the consolidate your photos on to your computer, and then print it. After that, you still have to cut the pictures out to size. Printing your photos at a shop requires a trip, and costs quite a bit too. That’s where the HP Sprocket Plus comes in: light, portable and convenient, it might just be the perfect companion for your monthly scrapbooking meet.

Smartphone printers have been around for years now, and most brands big and small have come up with their own versions. HP’s version, the Sprocket launched in late 2016 has since had multiple iterations. The one featured in this review is the latest HP Sprocket Plus.

The Plus, not surprisingly, produces larger (30% bigger) photos than the regular Sprocket. It also comes with new effects you can add to the pictures before printing. All HP Sprocket printers use Bluetooth connectivity to pair your printer and smartphone/tablet. The printers also use Zink zero ink technology and paper. The Zink paper prints the photos on sticker paper so it’s easy to just peel off the backing and stick it on your scrapbook or feature wall.

Let’s move on to the sleek design of the Plus. It looks exactly the same but an upsized version of the regular Sprocket. I think the design of the Sprockets, in general, are great. They’re probably amongst the most portable and small phone printers on the market. The printer comes with a single power button and charges with the included micro USB cable. You would find that you rarely need to charge this little printer. In my case, one charge survived all 20 photo prints. Between large capacity prints, however, your printer does inform you through the app that he needs a break for cooling down. The cooling down only takes a few minutes and after that its back in business.

Right above where the photos emerge and next to the power button, are 2 LED indicators. This useful feature can communicate to you the battery condition of the printer and whether it’s out of paper, albeit in code. The left light indicates charge and is red when being charged, turning green when it has completed. The right light quickly flashes while booting on before shining solid when successfully powered on, and flashes slowly during a print job.

The left light flashes red for minor warnings like paper running out or when there is only space for 20 photos left on the SD card. It shines a solid red when there is a paper jam, when the cover is open, when there’s low battery, when the storage is full or for other miscellaneous errors.

Some colour noise on the yellow part of the photo


Coming in at about 50 Singapore cents per photo, the Sprocket is definitely on the more affordable side when it comes to portable printers. The quality of the Zink paper is about average with some photos showing amounts of colour noise.

Pictures that are more detailed seem to look the best. The photos produced are vibrant, detailed and the borderless photos look amazing on their own or pasted on any kind of paper.

Along with sharing options for social media and easy connectivity and set up, the HP Sprocket Plus is a great social feature for any holiday, party or just a relaxing day scrapbooking. Capturing memories has never been this easy or portable!

The HP Sprocket Plus is available at all authorised retailers at the price of SGD229 for just the printer and SGD249 with a 20 pack of sticky photo paper included. The RedDot Design awarded printer comes only in white.


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