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HP reportedly working on a new mid-range Windows 10 smartphone


According to a new report published by German website Dr.Windows, HP and Microsoft are working together on a new mid-range Windows 10 Mobile smartphone. HP’s first Windows 10 Mobile smartphone, the Elite x3, went on sale in a select few markets only a few weeks back.

While the smartphone’s specifications haven’t been revealed, the report does say that it could be powered by a Snapdragon 600 series chipset from Qualcomm. Despite being less powerful than the Elite x3, the smartphone will still support Continuum and is tipped to be compatible with the Elite x3 docks and accessories that are already on sale. Earlier rumors also suggest the smartphone could come with a few Lumia features such as double tap to wake and Glance.

While the smartphone is expected to be targeted at the mid-range segment, the report warns the device may not exactly be affordable. Given that the Elite x3 is being sold at $699 minus the dock, the upcoming mid-range smartphone will most likely be priced similarly to a few other “premium” mid-range handsets from other smartphone makers, powered by Snapdragon 600-series processors. Nevertheless, this is great news for fans of Windows 10 Mobile, as we haven’t seen any new mid-range Windows 10 handset this year from a major manufacturer except for Alcatel.

We hope to find out more details regarding the rumored HP Windows 10 Mobile mid-range in the coming weeks.

Source: DrWindows.de

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