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HP Omni 10 tab goes on sale, costs $400 with full Windows 8.1 and Full HD panel

HP is preparing to roll out one of the most budget-minded 10-inch Windows 8.1 tablets around, the Omni 10. Available on pre-orders already for $400, the slate should start shipping any day now.

HP Omni 10

Can’t make up your mind between Microsoft’s Surfaces and Dell’s Venue 11 Pro? Then how about we make the choice even more difficult and add the HP Omni 10 in the mix? You know what they say, competition is what drives innovation forward (and what lowers pricing), so even if it’s tough to settle for just one of these, it’s all for the best.

First things first, let’s turn that frown upside down and mention there’s nothing wrong with the Omni 10, as much as you can’t believe its price tag. It doesn’t skimp on build quality, the hardware is sizzling hot and, on the software side of things, you get full Windows 8.1, not RT or anything.

Then again, it has a couple of minor flaws in a head-to-head comparison with Dell’s Venue 11 Pro that ultimately allow it to undercut the 11-incher’s pricing by 100 bucks. First and most obviously, the screen is smaller, at 10.1 inches. But the resolution is actually higher, at 1,920 x 1,200 pixels, so the resulting pixel density is also superior: 224 ppi.

HP Omni 10-2

The on-board storage is undoubtedly a problem on the Omni, at only 32 GB, plus one can’t help but feel HP could have pushed the envelope a little and throw in some optional accessories. One lousy $100-$150 keyboard dock would’ve probably been enough. As things stand, the 10-incher is a pretty awesome tablet, only that’s not enough for some folks looking for extra productivity.

On the bright side, the Omni 10 is lighter than the Venue 11 Pro (1.4 pounds) and equally as thin (0.4 inches), and all of the other specs are replicated by the letter: quad-core Intel Bay Trail CPU, 2 GB RAM, 8 MP/2 MP cameras, microSD support, micro HDMI, etc, etc. Oh, decisions, decisions.

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